Out now: A Free Retriever 2020-2

A Free Retriever’s Digest aims at presenting publications that are relevant for discussions within the internationalist milieu in general, and among the groups and circles who claim adherence to the international communist left(s) in particular. It intends to provide comments and a space for discussion as well.
  • From the Editor
  • Selected Articles & News Feeds
  • Capitalism, Wars and Epidemics.  What is behind the calls for national unity against the Corona-virus pandemic? Pantopolis
  • Corona-virus and Catastrophic Crisis: The Tragic Responsibility of Communists. Communiqué by the IGCL (March 2020)
  • ‘Fundamental Principles of Communist Production and Distribution’ (1935). The first complete German and English editions
  • Which Alternative to Capitalism? A Controversy on Labor Time Accounting apropos of ‘Fundamental Principles’ (GIC)

1) A Critique of the ‘Theses on the World Commune’ (H. Lueer, January 2019) [Deutsche Fassung]
2) Labor Time Accounting and Economic Rationality in a Post-Capitalist Society (R. Victor, November 4, 2019) [Deutsche Fassung]
3) Utopian or Material Foundations of the Classless Society? H. Lueer’s Reply (November 30, 2019) [Deutsche Fassung]

  • Documents of the historical Communist Left. Re-editions of Anton Pannekoek: ‘Marxism and Darwinism’ (1909, 1914). Summary by Ph. Bourrinet
  • Apropos “Social Contagion – Microbiological Class War in China” (Chuǎng) Some necessary criticisms (Pantopolis, March 2020) [Deutsche Fassung]
  • Controversy on ‘Fundamental Principles’ (G.I.C.) (35). ‘Back to the Future’ or: How the GIC refuted its criticasters in advance. Extracts from a Statement by ‚Arbeiterstimmen‘ (March 2020).
  • Notes from the Frontlines of the Class War. A round-up of the first proletarian reactions to the ‘Corona-virus’ emergencies (‘I.C.P.’ – Florence)
Out now: A Free Retriever 2020-2

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