Out now: A Free Retriever 2020-1

Vol. 4 Issue #1 January – March 2020, January 24, 2020


  • From the Editor
  • Selected Articles & News Feeds
    October 14, 2019 – January 12, 2020 (week no.’s 42 – 02)
  • The Social Struggles in France
    The IGCL’s second Communiqué on the pension strikes (January 3, 2020) [Deutsch]
  • Book Presentation
    H. Lueer’s Tribute to the GIC’s Main Work
  • The Misery of Soviet-Style Socialism
    Extract from H. Lueer’s Book (2018) [Deutsch]
  • A Debate on the Period of Transition:

Kosmoprolet, H. Lueer and R. Victor on the ‘Fundamental Principles‘
Documents of the historical Communist Left [Lueers Antwort an Victor]

State Capitalism: Historical Mistake or Means for proletarian Dictatorship? A first reply to the IGCL on the ‘Fundamental Principles’ [Deutsch]

  • Willy Huhn (1961)
    On the doctrine of the revolutionary party (Part 3) [Deutsch]
  • The Procrustean Bed of Pension Reform
    Blog Spartacus1918 on the struggle against precarity and pauperization
  • With Special Attention
    Social revolts and imperialist war – A critical press review
  • The US Attack on Baghdad
    F.D. on Capitalism’s drive to war and its anti-dote [Deutsch, Seite der IKT]
Out now: A Free Retriever 2020-1

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