„A Free Retriever’s Digest“ April-June 2019 is out

Download as PDF: Vol. 3, Issue #2, April – June 2019, April 28, 2019



From the Editor

Selected Articles & News Feeds January 28 – April 14, 2019

‘Internationalisme’ (GCF) on the National and Colonial Question

Towards a new organization of the Communist Left

The group Emancipación (Spain)

• A new stage
• Basic principles
• What does a communist organization do?

Two statements by ‘Emancipación’

• Against Precariousness (Leaflet)
• Urgent appeal to the internationalists of South America

Discussion on the popular revolt in France (26)

  • The ‘Yellow Vests’ movement: Possibility or Plague?
  • Robin Goodfellow in the Land of the ‘Yellow Vests’
  • A critique by the Pantopolis blog (March 15, 2019)
  • With Special Attention: Bourgeois in Yellow Vests. A review of positions within the left and council communist milieus

The Algerian Crisis. ‘Nuevo Curso’ on the mass protests in the Maghreb

„A Free Retriever’s Digest“ April-June 2019 is out

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